Laura Welch Dog Trainer | Behavioural consultations
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Behavioural Consultations


Fears / Phobias

Extreme Barking

Running Away or Chasing


Separation Problems

Obsessive Behaviours



For all behavioural sessions owners will be asked to complete the ‘Owner’ form. Then request their vet to refer the case by completing the ‘Vet’ form in order that they can be involved from the outset. Both forms can be found in the ‘Form’ section at the top of the page. Once both forms are complete the initial consultation can be booked.


The Session

Once this occurs a visit is then organised, either via Zoom or in the home. We will go through any further questions that I may have as well as what you would like to achieve from the behaviour consultation. The session will cover the reason behind the behavioural issues, what the underlying emotions are and the behavioural modification plan. This consultation lasts about 2 hours, although this may depend on the case presented.


Post Session

After the session you will receive a report to summarise the main points that were covered in the consultation. Included in this will be guidance for the management of the behaviour, risks and training that were discussed on the day.  These are bespoke reports addressing your unique situation and dog in mind. The vet will also receive a copy.



After the session you can reach out to me via email or phone. Please note that I am usually contactable Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday from 10am – 2pm. If you need anything urgently please speak to your vet. Support is available for up to 3 months after the initial session.


Follow ups 

You can purchase these separately or as part of a package, they can be at your home or at a public location. These sessions last for about an hour in which we will go through the progress so far in the behaviour modification plan as we work through it together. This will also allow for any adjustments to the plan that may be required as progress is made.

£80 for the initial consultation (2 hours)

£120 for an initial consultation and 1 x follow up

£160 for an initial consultation and 2 x follow ups

£45 for individual 1 hour follow ups


*Please note that travel charges may apply