Laura Welch Dog Trainer | Training Packages
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Training Packages

Pre-Puppy Package

This pack is perfect if you are just about to get a puppy and need some help and advice to make them feel welcome and safe.


1 hour – Prior to puppy arrival

3 x 1 hour – Training Sessions


During the Pre Puppy visit (1 hour)

I will help you dog-proof your home and your life, discuss ways to implement training and prioritise the training you need urgently. I will then give you a series of points to think about to make the best of your new friendship.


We will go through


Simple set up and crate training (should you want to use one)


House training


Your dog’s body language


The car journey from the breeder 


Dealing with the first day, night and week


Managing chewing, biting and jumping


Managing the children & dog relationship safely




First visit to the Vet


Bonding with your dog




During your puppy’s first training sessions (3 x 1 hour)


I will iron out any potential issues that have come up in the first few days. For best results, it is advised to have the first training session the day after the puppy’s arrival or very soon after.

£160 for 4 hours training*


*Travel charges may apply

General Training Packages

These packages are block bookings are designed for those who would like multiple sessions and can flexible to suit you.


These block sessions are designed to train your dog / puppy for real life situations. I train outside in the real world and in your home and I only use positive reward based training to encourage the behaviours you want while giving you solutions for the ones you don’t.


Exercises covered (but not limited to)


Walking on a loose lead






Leave it


Properly greeting others


Managing jumping, mouthing / biting or chewing


Managing barking


Or any specific issues that you may be having with your dog

£160 for 4 hours training*


£240 for 6 hours training*


*Travel charges may apply

Focused Training Package

This package is for those who might only want to focus on 1 or 2 commands that their dog is struggling with.


This could include (but not limited to)




Loose lead walking


Managing jumping, chewing or mouthing / biting


Sit, Down, Stay, Leave, drop


Greeting behaviour


Managing barking


Or any other specific issues that you may be having with your dog

£80 for 2 hours training*


*Travel charges may apply