Laura Welch Dog Trainer | Featured Dog – Buddy
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Featured Dog – Buddy

Meet Buddy, the adorable Cockapoo residing in Burton, Dorset.

While his fluffy appearance might make you think he’s carefree, when I first met Buddy, it was clear that he had a strong bond with his owner, who he refused to leave alone under any circumstances.

Training sessions involved creating positive associations with being alone. This could include leaving for short intervals and returning with treats and affection, helping Buddy understand that being alone also meant good things could happen.

Over time, Buddy’s owner’s dedication paid off. Through consistent training, patience, and love, Buddy’s separation anxiety began to diminish. Updates from Buddy’s owner painted a picture of gradual improvement. From the initial moments of reluctance to the newfound ability to be alone for 1 ½ to 2 hours, Buddy’s progress was evident!


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