Laura Welch Dog Trainer | Featured Dog – Gracie
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Featured Dog – Gracie

Today’s dog is Gracie!


Gracie, a Basset Fauve de Bretagne who lives in Christchuch, Dorset and needed help with jumping up and mastering the art of coming back when called

Gracie’s exuberance is matched only by her boundless energy. She would greet people with enthusiastic jumps and this was her way of expressing her excitement, but it wasn’t always well-received. By employing positive reinforcement training techniques. Whenever Gracie approached someone without jumping, she received a tasty reward, gradually associating calm behaviour with positive outcomes. With consistent efforts and unwavering dedication, Gracie learned that sitting and waiting for attention was far more rewarding than jumping.

One of the most challenging aspects of dog ownership is teaching a dog to reliably come back when called, especially when distractions abound. Training incorporated turning training sessions into thrilling games, using high-value treats and enthusiastic praise to make coming back to her an exciting experience for Gracie. Slowly but surely, Gracie began to grasp the concept that returning meant good things were in store.

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