Laura Welch Dog Trainer | Creepy Canine Capers: Safe Doggie Fun this Halloween – Guest Article by Penny Martin
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Creepy Canine Capers: Safe Doggie Fun this Halloween – Guest Article by Penny Martin

Halloween is upon us again and it’s time to start getting strategic about costumes. There are the kids’ costumes and something for you to wear to the neighbourhood Halloween blowout. This year, why not look into a cool canine costume for the family pooch. Every year, there are dozens more costume options for pets on the market, and some of them can even complement your family’s costume selections.
Costume coordination
Few movies have inspired more Halloween costumes than the Wizard of Oz. Whether you’re into the scarecrow or the evil flying monkeys, it’s a great source of costume ideas. This year, why not costume coordinate the entire family based on the Wizard of Oz theme and dress Fido as Dorothy, right down to the Ruby Slippers. You could always take the easy route and pass him off as Toto, but what fun is that when you could get your furry friend in on the costume fun.
If you’re into movie-themed costumes for you and the family dog this Halloween, you can’t go wrong with a Star Wars-themed ensemble. So grab some plastic blasters, dress the dog up as Princess Leia and “may the force be with you.” Just don’t forget to pop Leia’s famous futuristic earmuff hair-do on your pet’s head. Or with a couple flourishes you could pass puppy off as an ewok. If you have a shih tzu, he’ll be a natural.
There are superheroes everywhere you look these days, at the movies, on TV … and in Halloween costumes. Everybody loves the family dog, so why shouldn’t he or she be a superhero this Halloween. Whether you see your doggie as Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, there’s a superhero costume out there for your family pet.
Of course, the real fun in Halloween costumes comes from doing it yourself, coming up with a concept and using your creativity to bring it to life. Sometimes, the breed of dog will suggest a perfect Halloween costume. Just remember, the true fun lies in contrast. For example, if you happen to have an English bulldog, set him up with a pink tutu, a tiara and little pink yoga socks. Your pet may never forgive you (especially if pictures end up on Facebook), but you’re sure to get a hearty round of laughs out of it.
Then there’s the fun of guessing identities. Just strap a mask and a little red cape on Fido, sit back and have fun watching friends and neighbours trying to figure out who’s behind your clever identity concealment. Just remember, it’s not animal cruelty, just a little good old-fashioned doggie hijinks.
Halloween safety
Don’t get so caught up in your pet’s Halloween costume that you forget to provide for his safety. You’ll be socializing at night, crossing streets and hobnobbing with adults and kids in all kinds of crazy costumes, so make sure you have a stout, reflective lead, harness or collar on hand in case it all gets to be too much for your pet. If yours is a breed that can be unpredictable in certain circumstances, consider carefully whether it might make more sense to let him chill at home and just use your smartphone to show friends pictures and video of his costume. Be especially careful in the presence of other costumed dogs.
Halloween is all about fun, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t involve your dog in the fun. But don’t forget to pay attention to basic safety precautions and use plenty of common sense if he’ll be hanging out with a large group of Halloween partygoers, especially if he gets antsy in a loud and boisterous group of people.
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